My Tree Accessories

My Tree bloomed from the idea of creating a clothing line for my children. I went through the process of buying clothes, bows and a load of other things, but as time went on, the clothing line was set aside as family life got busy and only three bows were made. In 2018 they were posted on Instagram and received a positive response, family & friends said I should make a business out of them. At first it wasn’t taken seriously and took a while to get on with beginning a website and all that comes with staring an online business. Then the passion for making things grew, so I continued. The name was formed from simply seeing that humans are like trees, always growing creating new leaves. The new leaves are any creation of my tree accessories and collaborations!

Here are the first 3 Bows

It has been a journey making them all. I have learned many tips and techniques ensuring a long lasting product and I am still learning! The beauty of each bow is that they have been carefully put together according to the colour scheme and decor of each center piece giving an overall authentic and elegant look.

As for footwear I love to transform a pair of oldies into a pair of new goodies.

Long after my first 2 customisations.. I came across a documentary stating the difficulties of recycling footwear, them ending up in landfills and making use of waste materials such as ocean plastic.

I thought, since my children bearly wear their footwear for a good length of time  because they have grown out of them so quickly. Why don’t I customise them instead of throwing them away bags at a time.

I would like to contribute to the recycling of shoes through restorations.

So I started with an old pair of my own and is looking forward to cleaning up little Reebok Classics, Pumas and more…

Customised footwear available upon request only!


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